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Living abroad can be tricky, finding the right osteopath is not

I lived abroad for 15 years so I know what it feels like when you need to find a new doctor, hairdresser, dentist, gynecologist or osteopath in a different city, in a different country and in a different language.

I know its never going to be easy, but I think I can help you minimize the drama.

When I first had to find a dentist in London, I had two main concerns… ending up with a not so good one and not being able to explain my problema and concerns. So if you are a bit concerned about this whole search for an osteopath thing.

Let me tell you two things.


The two things my “foreign” patients mention more often about coming to see me

You probably have two main concerns. Ending up in the wrong hands and not being able to explain their problems and concerns. Safety and language.

So let me tell you

On the one hand, I trained in London (I´m in fact, the only osteopath in madrid recognised by the UK General Osteopathic Council) so you can expect my treatments to be very similar to those of the osteopaths you are use to seeing back home.

And on the other hand, being able to speak in your own language makes all the difference. you do not need to worry about not being able to communicate your problems, in an effective manner. I promise you will feel totally at home.